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I'm Always By Your Side: A Milwaukee Love Story 2
We’ve all done it. Fell in love with someone who didn’t deserve it, stayed in relationships we didn’t belong or got our feelings hurt by failed expectations. What makes us different is how we respond.

Meet the Williams sisters; Brianna, the hopeless romantic, thought she found the one upon meeting the love of her life- Kevin. Like most, their relationship had its problems, but Brianna stuck through it and now she is well on her way to the alter. That is until she is left not only fighting for love, but for her life. Brooke, the oldest, most stable sister, the one they look up to for advice, reveals that her life isn’t as together as she made it seem. Lastly, Bianca, the youngest of the three sisters, an unconventional social butterfly, gets involved in a dangerous relationship with the streets.

They have a best friend, Krystal they met when they were younger, and if you didn’t know any different, you would think that she was one of the Williams sisters too. Krystal has been betrayed by love and unsure of how to recover. Each of the four women are dealing with their own personal battles, like many women. But what happens when tragedy strikes and things really start to fall apart? How will these women react, when their backs are up against the wall? Someone once said, “You never know how strong you are, until that’s all you have”, but is it enough?